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Refills, patches, Combinators for Reason

Download the demos & free packs

Being in love with music making for decades, we now want to share our passion with other producers, beat makers and DJs around the world.

Loop Depot offers presets and sounds for the usage in your own music production. At the moment we are focusing on the awesome Reason.

We try to give you the banging sounds we enjoy and would use for our own productions. Feel free to download the demos to get an impression of the packs before spending any money.

Free area

Extend your Reason arsenal without any costs. Download now!

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Tribute Neurotone Pack

It's time to pay Tribute!
250 Combinator 2 & 150 Tribute Wavetable Synthesizer patches

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Good Ol Days ReGrooves

100 patches for the Reason ReGroove Mixer
Get your old school groove on with this FREE patch pack!

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Amalgam Cinema

Sounds from outer space brought to planet earth. Atmospheric presets for the future - available now.
300 patches for the Amalgam FM Synthesizer.

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500 patches for the Friktion Modeled Strings Synthesizer. Extra ordinary presets for your next tune or soundtrack.

I can't get no satisfaction without Satisfriktion!

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Kickdrum Synthesizer Collection

Every music lives and dies by its bass drum. Four Combinator 2 kick drum generators for Reason.
DANGER - heavy bass!

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Multiband Essentials

10 multiband effect devices split your audio signal into 4 bands to apply individual effects on.

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Rhythmic FX Pack

8 combinator unique effect devices for Reason using the power of the Combinator.
Gate and split like there is no tomorrow

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Synth Power

100 combinator patches to unleash the synth power of Reason. Clean church organs, low hitting basses or epic hardcore horns - Synth Power has it all.

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Oldschool 808 Patterns

150 most iconic 808 drum patterns of all times - for Reason. No samples! Drum notes for your track to get the oldschool jam started.

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Kong King

50 drum kit patches for the Kong drum designer and 7 effect combinators. Let the rhythm hit 'em!

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Complex Cinema

200 cinematic patches for the Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer. Complex soundtracks made simple!

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Complex World

200 innovative patches for your Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer. Get ready to explore a new world of sounds - it's a complex world!

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Europa Club

Loop Depot proudly presents... another tour through europe's electronic club scene. 180 rhythmic presets that catch the vibe of the hottest dancefloors across europe.

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Get on a trip around the european underground club scene.
200 patches for the Europa Synthesizer.

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