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Free Combinator 2 devices for Reason.

Click the images to download.

Bazz Maschine - Combinator 2 instrument patch

Another kick drum synth device with some hard sub to shake up your soundsystems!
Enjoy the unique design 😉

Bazz Maschine

Mono - Combinator 2 effect patch

A simple stereo to mono converter. Useful for checking the mono compatibility of your tracks.


Complex Reverb - Combinator 2 effect patch

High quality reverb based on the Complex-1 synthesizer - which is required for this Combinator.

Complex Reverb

Zapper 9000 - Combinator 2 instrument patch

An epic zap from outer space. Great FX sound for your track to get the attention for a drop or break.
Easy to use but very effective.

Zapper 9000

ThunderBass - Combinator 2 instrument patch

A kick drum device that will kill your speakers. It layers a heavy generated kick with noise and compresses it to hell.
Hardcore will never die! 💀