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Free Combinator 2 devices for Reason.

Complex Comb Delay

Complex Comb Delay - Combinator 2 effect patch

The Complex-1 synthesizer offers a lot of nice effects on board. One of them is a powerful comb delay. This Combinator 2 patch allows you to access this effect outside Complex-1. Additionally, there are LFOs for the left and right channel available to add some stereo movement to the sound transformation.
Complex-1 synthesizer required.



Ott - Combinator 2 effect patch

The perfect rack device wrapper for the free Xfer OTT VST. From the creators of Serum is this free aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor. Be sure to have it installed to use this Combinator.
Definitely a must have in your effect arsenal.


Drum Pepper

Drum Pepper - Combinator 2 effect patch

Spice up your drums with this Combinator! Add saturation to specific areas of your drums and let the equalizer vibrate.
Is it effective? Yes! Is it easy? Yes! Is it free? Hell yeah 💀


Multiband Distortion

Multiband Distortion - Combinator 2 effect patch

The basis of multiband is to have the frequency spectrum of an audio signal split into separate, dedicated areas.
Loop Depot offers this approach to multiple effects inside of the Multiband Essentials effect pack.
To get a taste of it, you can get the Multiband Distortion here for free.
If you want to get the complete multiband effect experience look here: Multiband Essentials


Bazz Maschine

Bazz Maschine - Combinator 2 instrument patch

Another kick drum synth device with some hard sub to shake up your soundsystems!
Enjoy the unique design 😉



Mono - Combinator 2 effect patch

A simple stereo to mono converter. Useful for checking the mono compatibility of your tracks.


Complex Reverb

Complex Reverb - Combinator 2 effect patch

High quality reverb based on the Complex-1 synthesizer - which is required for this Combinator.


Zapper 9000

Zapper 9000 - Combinator 2 instrument patch

An epic zap from outer space. Great FX sound for your track to get the attention for a drop or break.
Easy to use but very effective.



ThunderBass - Combinator 2 instrument patch

A kick drum device that will kill your speakers. It layers a heavy generated kick with noise and compresses it to hell.
Hardcore will never die! 💀