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Kong King Refill

Kong King - 50 patches for the Kong Drum Designer

Let the rhythm hit 'em!

50 drum kit patches for the Kong drum designer and 7 effect combinators will bring your drum creativity to the next level.

Kong is the state of the art drum machine in Reason and as we all know - no one can have enough drums. So Loop Depot is here to help...

We created 50 new high quality drum presets for your next production and bundled them in a pack with 7 combinators. Fitted with this arsenal you are ready to spice up your drum patterns right away.

All patches support all of the 16 pads of Kong. The button layout is consistent throughout the patches as well. So you can easily switch the selected preset without having a kick drum on your former hi-hat lane. Easy to use and easy to tweak.

Last but not least - the patches include custom backdrops to give you the unique Kong King feeling.

Reason 10 (or later) and installation of the default Reason Refills Orkester Sound Bank, Reason Drum Supply and Reason Loop Supply required


  • 50 Kong Drum Designer patches
  • 7 Combinator patches

The download includes the single patch files AND the Refill version.

To change the drum patch of the combinator devices click "show devices" and open your favorite drum patch in Kong.

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