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Complex World

Complex World - 200 patches for the Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer

It's a complex world!

200 innovative patches for your Complex-1 Modular Synthesizer. Get ready to explore a new world of sounds - it's a complex world!

The Complex-1 is a wonderful device by Reason Studios. It gives you the modular freedom of real world synthesis in your Reason rack. Endless possibilities to build abstract next level sounds, no one ever heard before.

"Complex World" is perfect to expand your Complex-1 preset collection. No matter if you want to get it started quickly or get some inspiration for new sounds. Loop Depot created 200 exclusive new patches, including growling sub basses, sharp leads, ready for action tech loops, abstract effects and many more.


  • 39 Bass patches
  • 49 Effect patches
  • 50 Loop patches
  • 62 Melody patches
  • demo song

All of the patches support the modulation wheel feature to give you instant access to variations of the sound.

The download includes the single patch files AND the Refill version.

download demo buy

*only sounds from the pack were used (except drums & promo vocal)