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Eurotrip Refill

Eurotrip - 200 patches for the Europa Synthesizer

Are you ready for a trip?

Join Loop Depot on a journey into the underground scene all across Europe. We have collected 200 preset patches for the Europa Synthesizer. Not matter if your style is Electro, Drum & Bass, Trap, Hip Hop or whatever - these powerful sounds will push your track to the next level. If you like it raw, this pack is for you!

All of the patches support the modulation wheel feature to give you instant access to variations of the sound.

Reason 10 (or later) or VST version of Europa required


  • 49 Loop patches
  • 45 Melody patches
  • 38 Bass patches
  • 31 FX patches
  • 23 Pad patches
  • 14 Scratch patches
  • demo song

The download includes the single patch files AND the Refill version.

download demo buy

*only sounds from the pack were used (except drums)
...and yes even the scratches