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Synth Power Patch Pack

Synth Power - 100 combinator patches for Reason

Unleash the synth power

Synth Power is a collection of 100 unique sounds to boost up your productions. Accurately crafted to make them as easy as possible to tweak.

Clean church organs, low hitting basses or epic hardcore horns - Synth Power has it. Hit potential guaranteed.

Every patch is based on four individual layers combined to create one powerful sound. Each of these layers can be switched on or off via a single button click on the combinator device.

So you can easily modify a sound by trying different layer combinations. As you have 16 possible combinations per patch, Synth Power in sum gives you 1600 different sounds.

Reason 10 (or later) required


  • 100 combinator patches
  • demo song

The download includes the single patch files AND the Refill version.

download demo buy

*only sounds from the pack were used (except drums)